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About Us

Marking its 56th anniversary, Preformed Windings proudly showcases its illustrious heritage in the coil manufacturing sector and steadfastly maintains its esteemed standing in international markets. Following the acquisition by Highgate Capital in 2020, the company has sustained ongoing expansion and remains dedicated to catering to its global clientele, which comprises leading OEMs and independent repair facilities.


Preformed Windings is Born

Preformed Windings was established by Basil Jarn, Ken Widdowson, and Chris Athorn in a residential garage, focusing initially on manufacturing low-voltage coils. In the same year of its founding, the partners acquired a high street shop in Beighton, located on the outskirts of Sheffield. They transformed the ground floor and first floor into workshops dedicated to producing small-sized high-voltage coils featuring hot-pressed cells, primarily catering to the coal industry.


Expansion Added

Additional expansion became necessary, prompting the acquisition of another vacant workshop in Hackenthorpe, formerly an old bakery. In 1976, a further extension of 4000 sqft was constructed at the premises, integrating a pair of 10-ton cranes. These facilities were utilized for dismantling, manufacturing new coils, rewinding, and refitting large electric machines.


Business Sold to Engineering Firm

The company was acquired by a UK engineering firm, which was subsequently absorbed by a prominent electrical engineering conglomerate. A strategic decision was then made to discontinue the coil rewind and fitting process, shifting the focus entirely towards the production of high-voltage coils.

2000 (mid)

Further Changes Occured

The electrical engineering group that had previously acquired the UK engineering company was resold to a consortium of business partners. Following this transaction, the newly formed entity underwent a name change, with its primary focus shifting to the repair and maintenance of rotating machinery, spanning from servo motors to aerospace equipment. This encompassed machine tools, induction equipment, and high-voltage coils. Subsequently, the high-voltage division was divested to enable the company to concentrate on its asset management and repair operations.


Hackenthorpe Building Expanded to Facilitate Industry Growth

An additional extension was constructed at the Hackenthorpe facility, expanding the premises to a total of 9000 sqft. The customer industrial base had diversified significantly, encompassing various sectors such as nuclear power, conventional power, hydropower, upstream and downstream oil & gas, rail, metals, and marine & port industries.


Parsons Peebles Purchase the Business, Enhancing Product Range

Parsons Peebles Group acquired Preformed Windings, positioning the company favorably to enhance its product range, manufacturing systems, and capacity. With demand for high-voltage coils tripling, a decision was made in 2016 to relocate to a state-of-the-art custom facility in Rotherham.


Highgate Capital Purchase the Business as Growth Continues

Following substantial growth of the business over the last 5 years, in June 2020 Highgate Capital purchased Preformed Windings. Highgate Capital recognised the potential of the business, its clear value propositions (Quality, Service, Speed), the loyal global customer base, and the strong technical ability of the team, and is committed to realising the business’s full potential as an independent coil manufacturing expert.


Expansion Confirmed

Due to increased global demand for our HV diamond coils, Preformed Windings announced the acquisition of an additional unit, located in the same vicinity of our existing facility, in operation from summer 2024. This development grows our manufacturing capacity by more than 60%, manufacturing high-voltage diamond coils for quality focused service companies and OEMs. This additional unit will be dedicated to crafting diamond coils tailored for industrial applications, while our existing facility will focus on large projects such as hydro. By expanding our operations across the two facilities, Preformed Windings is enhancing our focus on specific industries, ensuring optimised solutions and services for our valued partners.

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