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In the 50 plus years, we have been manufacturing coils, Preformed Windings have developed an exceptional reputation for the quality of our products. This is the primary reason that we have become the largest independent coil manufacturer in the world, supplying quality coils to independent repair shops and OEM’s alike. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified as well as operating ISO 18001:2015 quality systems. We manufacture coils to standards such as BS EN 50209:19999, ESI 44-5 as well as customer specific standards. Due to our international presence we have experience manufacturing coils to regional standards worldwide.

  • We only use the highest quality and most respected suppliers of copper and insulation
  • Preformed Windings have invested heavily in the most cutting edge equipment, both automated and semi-automated
  • Experience working with the industry’s largest OEM’s developing coil specifications
  • Hundreds of years of experience within our team
  • 3D CAD software allowing analysis and optimisation of coil designs prior to manufacture
  • In many cases we can offer an improved coil design (at no cost) in order to optimise efficiency and operating temperatures
  • Extremely uniform coils resulting in a reduction in winding time
  • Very tight geometrical tolerances, in many cases our customers move away from side packing coils
  • Rigorous quality checks at every production stage of manufacture
  • Every coil tested prior to despatch
  • Coils delivered in heavy duty wooden boxes designed specifically for the location they are being despatched too

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