Windings for the Downstream Oil & Gas Industry


Windings for the Downstream Oil & Gas Industry

The refining of crude oil and the purifying of natural gas contain many processes which require efficient and reliable technologies that will maximise output to meet demand requirements. Preformed Windings’ products, which include HV diamond coils and windings, are certified to the standards required to meet the needs of the downstream oil and gas industry.

With a track record and passion for high-quality and a dedication to service, Preformed Windings continues to grow in industries worldwide offering innovative products such as the award winning QualCoil HV diamond coil, which is proven to extend asset life, improve efficiency and reduce maintenance.

Preformed Windings products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in Rotherham, UK where the HV diamond coils and windings go through rigorous testing and quality control to ensure customers receive a high-quality product customized to their requirements. With a strong focus on R&D, an experienced team of specialists at the facility are also continuously looking at new and innovative solutions and working closely with the largest OEMs and rewind shops to ensure we maintain and grow our unique market position.

Our team of professionals work 24/7 to ensure our customers are fully supported throughout their project from initial enquiry to final completion, and thereafter. The team can provide customers with additional solutions for coil design and upgrade. Using CAD design software, full customized solutions can be provided making Preformed Windings an excellent choice as your no.1 provider of HV diamond coils and windings.

Contact the team for more information on our products and services and you will receive a prompt response with excellent support.

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