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As a well-established manufacturer of coils and windings over the last 50 years, Preformed Windings are well positioned to provide customized solutions that fit the requirement of applications in the oil and gas industry. Our reputation for high-quality and fast delivery has positioned us as a leading manufacturer of coils and windings for many industries worldwide.

Through continuous research and development, we have improved our products and services and supply our global customer base with customized solutions suitable for their applications.

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Preformed Windings Services

We offer valuable contribution through our top-quality windings for the oil and gas industry and in our facility in Rotherham, UK we produce:

With our top-quality windings, we offer a valuable contribution to the requirements of rotating machines in the oil & gas industry. At our state-of-the-art facility in Rotherham, UK, we produce the following

Preformed Windings is proud to have a team of experienced professionals who provide our customers with fully customizable services related to:

Every customer who purchases products and/or services from Preformed Windings will have the full support and advice from our qualified team. This includes consultation throughout the production process and help with installation and repairs.

Windings for the Oil and Gas Industry by Preformed Windings

The oil and gas sector has extremely high demands regarding the components it uses for its drilling operations. Our team takes this into consideration when producing windings for the oil and gas industry and provides all of our clients with solutions that can withstand the critical conditions they are constantly exposed to.

We design our windings with the purpose of longevity and delivery of successful performance, complying with the sector’s policies and using the highest quality materials in manufacturing. Using our highly efficient windings for the oil and gas industry, our customers can rely on customized components that can overcome the daily obstacles of oil and gas drilling.

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You can rely on us to supply you with effective windings which can seamlessly integrate into your oil and gas processes and ensure the optimized performance of your machines. We have been recognized as Supplier of the year for 2021 by the AEMT and we work every day to maintain our quality products and services and satisfy our customer’s needs across the oil and gas sector and all other sectors we work with.

If you decide to trust our experienced company and order windings for the oil and gas industry from us, you can contact us online to receive a detailed explanation of the way our process works. In return you can expect:

  • Customer support 24/7, available all year round;
  • Expert advice and consultation regarding all processes;
  • Response in a timely manner, within 24 hours of receiving the inquiry;
  • Services for emergency situations.

As members of EASA, AEMT, and NHA we manufacture coils and windings that comply with the highest standards of production, as well as adhere to the specifics of each sector we serve. The windings we offer for the oil and gas industry undergo our quality tests, and we always ensure the highest quality products are delivered to all of our clients. You can contact us today and receive more information about the solutions we provide for the oil and gas industry and for your specific case.

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