Coils and Windings for the Power Generation Industry


Coils and Windings for the Power Generation Industry

For over 55 years, Preformed Windings has been obsessed about quality, supplying high-quality HV diamond coils and windings to various industries worldwide including power generation, oil & gas, industrial, water treatment and many more.  Our high-quality HV diamond coils, including our award winning QualCoil specifications, are tailored specifically to fit your application and project requirements.  As a preferred supplier of HV diamond coils and windings to a global customer base including the largest OEMs and rewind companies in the service industry, Preformed Windings is well positioned to be the No. 1 supplier of HV diamond coils to the power generation market where quality matters.

As thought-leaders in the industry Preformed Windings are active members of NHA, IHA, EASA and the AEMT sharing our technical expertise and knowledge with the industry.  As independent product manufacturers we do not compete with our partners for service work which allows Preformed Windings to carry out significant R&D activities with the most respected OEM’s and insulation suppliers in the industry resulting in cutting-edge specifications such as QualCoil H, the worlds’ first class H resin rich specification.

In addition to our manufactured products, Preformed Windings also offer a wide variety of service solutions including HV diamond coil design and HV diamond coil upgrades. Our HV diamond coil design service offers customers an opportunity to see a detailed 3D visualization of their product allowing for changes throughout the design process. Our HV diamond coil upgrades can improve the performance of a motor or generator resulting in improvements such as enhanced efficiency and increased output, along with reduced maintenance requirements and extended asset life.

We also offer personalized windings kits, not only saving our customers time outsourcing winding kit items from multiple suppliers but also ensuring that both the HV diamond coils and windings are perfectly synchronized to de-risk the rewind and speed up the process.

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