Windings for the Wind Industry


Windings for the Wind Industry

As we continue to move towards a renewable future, wind power generation plays a key role in generating energy all over the world, continuing as the leading non-hydro renewable technology. Due to the nature of the application, durability is an important requirement for wind turbines and their components.  Preformed Windings’ high-quality windings are the ideal solution for wind turbines with over 55 years demonstrating quality, reliability and efficiency to withstand environmental challenges, extend asset life, improve efficiency and reduce maintenance requirements..

Preformed Windings acknowledges the vital role of the wind industry in the sustainable future of the planet and enhances our contribution to this is to ensure the provision of our high-quality, durable windings . Our windings are produced in our state-of-the-art facility in Rotherham, UK where our skilled manufacturing team demonstrate our passion for quality by using top quality materials and ensuring precision throughout the entire process.

As trusted partners to the largest OEM’s and rewind shops, we have the ability to work together to carry out research and development to continuously improve our product offering.

In addition to windings , we provide award winning HV diamond coils for industries worldwide and, through our dedication to service we offer HV diamond coil design and HV diamond coil upgrade.  Our HV diamond coil design service allows our customers to receive a product customized to their particular application to ensure the most accurate HV diamond coil is offered. Our HV diamond coil upgrade service provides customers with solutions to improve HV coils that are outdated or endure design flaws. By enhancing the coil, the work process can be improved as well as process efficiencies.

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