Windings for the wind industries


Windings for the wind industries

Windings for the wind industries are a prominent part of Preformed Windings’ product catalog. For over half a century we have produced high-quality components from our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Rotherham for clients all over the world. We have established our company as a reliable provider of windings and high voltage coils with some of the shortest lead times in the sector.

If you are a part of the wind industries and want to learn more about the products we can supply you with, you can find more information about them here.

Preformed Windings Services

Our clients from the wind industries can benefit from top-quality windings as well as from our other products including:

The professionals who work at Preformed Windings have proven expertise and can offer you valuable advice regarding:

If any of our products or services interest you but you are uncertain about the details, our support can assist you. They will provide you with prompt answers to your inquiries and advice regarding your specific needs. If you are satisfied with the information we have given you, we can prepare a customized offer for you and your business.

Windings for the wind industries by Preformed Windings

The fastest-growing energy source globally requires dependable components for its work. That is why we offer windings for the wind industries that can withstand environmental challenges and improve production. The machines utilized in this sector require minimal maintenance due to their high reliability.

We contribute to their well-being through our top-quality components made from the best materials on the market. Preformed Windings acknowledges the vital role of the wind industries in the sustainable future of the planet and enhances its work through long-lasting windings.

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If you are a customer from the wind industries we can offer you our specialized expertise in windings manufacturing. If you accept the personalized offer we provide you with, we can produce quality components and deliver them to your site within days and not weeks. Our windings can potentially contribute to the longevity of your machines and the successful end results of your business.

If you wish to learn more about our products and services, you can contact us online. Our customer support team can provide you with:

  • Customer support available 24/7, all year;
  • Reply to questions in a 24-hour frame;
  • Advice and guidance from experts;
  • Emergency support in a timely manner.

We have proven our expertise throughout our long collective career and have been recognized for it many times, including in 2021 when AEMT awarded us Supplier of the year.

As proud members of this organization and EASA and NHA, we strive to produce only components that fit the sector’s high standards and regulations. We have worked with many clients from the wind industries and provided them with quality windings.

If you want to benefit from our services, you can contact us and receive a personalized offer for windings for your business.

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