Windings for the Upstream Oil & Gas Industry


Windings for the Upstream Oil & Gas Industry

With a focus on safety and reliability in the challenging offshore environment, Preformed Windings ensures their HV diamond coils and windings are manufactured to the highest-quality available in the industry. With over 55 years of experience manufacturing HV diamond coils and windings and an extensive installed base worldwide, Preformed Windings continue to be leaders in the industry and well placed to continuously support the upstream oil industry.

We design our windings with the purpose of longevity and delivery of successful performance, complying with the sector’s policies and using the highest quality materials in manufacturing. Using our highly efficient windings for the oil and gas industry, our customers can rely on customized components that can overcome the daily obstacles of oil and gas drilling.

Through thought-leadership and innovation, Preformed Windings are offering highly competitive solutions to the market including the award winning QualCoil HV diamond coils with benefits that include lowest Partial Discharge (Pd), leading Tan Delta levels, an extended service life and reduced maintenance requirements. The highly specialized R&D team have worked closely with trusted partners such as the largest OEMs and rewind shops in the world to ensure our unique position in the market.

Our passion for quality ensures every winding that leaves the state-of-the-art facility in Rotherham, UK is tried and tested with an assurance that its final installation will see the benefits of extended asset life, improved efficiency and reduced maintenance. Our confidence is shown with our offer of a 10-year warranty on our products.

Preformed Windings is proud to have a team of specialists who can provide customers with fully customized solutions for coil design and coil upgrades. Customers will have the full support from the team including consultation throughout the production process.

If you decide to trust our experienced company and order windings for the oil and gas industry from us, you can contact us online to receive a detailed explanation of the way our process works.

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