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Emergency Coils Completed & Delivered During Covid-19

POSTED: 01 Jul 2021

Emergency Coils Completed & Delivered During Covid-19

With over 50 years of experience, Preformed Windings manufacture high-quality high voltage coils and armature coils for traction motors, high voltage motors, and generators. Our manufacturing facilities in Rotherham allow us to supply quality coils within industry-leading lead times.

We were approached by an overseas customer who required a full set of Resin Rich coils to suit their 11kV, 3500kW, 1488rpm machine. On receiving the request the customer informed us of the urgent requirement of these coils and asked us to supply these as soon as possible. The team marked this job as an emergency coil supply and got straight to work manufacturing these coils. Due to the importance of timing on this job the team provided the client with continuous daily updates throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that they were able to plan ahead and be prepared for the arrival of the coils to reduce their downtime.

Preformed Windings not only provided a batch of high-quality resin rich coils to the customer but were able to dispatch them a day earlier than originally planned despite the extremely tight schedule to the delight of the customer. A slight delay was experienced during freight. However, our logistics partners are looking into this so that it doesn’t occur in the future.

On receiving the quality coils within a shortened lead time and their experience with our 24/7 technical & service support (prior to & during installation) the customer was extremely happy with the service experienced and the quality of their coils.

If you would like to explore how Preformed Windings could support your coil requirements please do not hesitate to contact us using the contact information below.

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