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Meet the Team – Samyuktha Muthukumaran – Mechanical Engineer

POSTED: 24 Jun 2024

Meet the Team – Samyuktha Muthukumaran – Mechanical Engineer

Meet the Team – Samyuktha Muthukumaran.

Meet Samyuktha, our Mechanical Engineer at Preformed Windings who joined at the start of the year and has already made a significant impact, all while bringing positivity and smiles to the team. Her day-to-day activities include project planning, CAD surface modeling, and computer-aided tooling manufacture for the press. This role allows Samyuktha to drive strategic developments within our innovative company and manage projects that transform the bespoke craft industry into a high-tech manufacturing powerhouse.

Samyuktha is a KTP (Knowledge Transfer Partnership) associate, working closely with Sheffield Hallam University and Preformed Windings on a 24-month transformative project. The KTP program bridges the gap between academic research and industry application, fostering innovation and enhancing business performance by embedding academic expertise within commercial organizations. Through this partnership, Samyuktha is instrumental in leading the integration of advanced digital capabilities and QA methodologies.

Supported by her business supervisor at Preformed Windings and her academic supervisor at Sheffield Hallam University, Samyuktha enhances the company’s efficiency, productivity, and capacity. Her efforts are crucial in positioning Preformed Windings to meet growing sales opportunities and advancing our competitive edge in the market. Through her leadership and technical expertise, Samyuktha is not only driving technological advancements but also contributing to the company’s overall growth and success.

Keep up the great work, Samyuktha!

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