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For over 50 years, Preformed Windings has been a trusted high voltage coil manufacturer, serving diverse industries worldwide. Our online catalogue enables global access to our coils, windings, and services. Explore our quality high voltage coils, winding kits, coil design and upgrade services. Discover why we’re one of the fastest high voltage coil manufacturers.

Buy High Voltage Coils from Preformed Windings

For high voltage coils beyond standard safety limits, turn to Preformed Windings, a leading manufacturer in the field. We’re known for our industry-leading service and rapid production of high-quality coils. Explore our online catalogue for the HV coils your business requires or reach out to our customer support for assistance.

Preformed Windings’ Product Types

Choose from a variety of high voltage coils tailored to your manufacturing needs, including motor and generator coils, all built to our approved specifications. Our diamond coils, crafted to the highest industry standards, offer resin-rich and VPI insulation options for a perfect fit. Expect timely delivery both domestically and internationally.

Industries Relying on Preformed Windings

Preformed Windings, a leading high voltage coil manufacturer, is highly regarded across industries including power generation (hydro, nuclear, wind, and conventional), industrial, and marine sectors. We are the preferred supplier of HV coils to a diverse global customer base, serving major OEMs and rewind companies alike.

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Rely on Preformed Windings as your high voltage coil manufacturer for quality coils, including diamond coils, with easy purchasing access and swift delivery. Our 24/7 customer service ensures timely responses to inquiries, providing expert support throughout the manufacturing process. Whether purchasing HV coils or requesting upgrades, trust our services to support your business needs promptly. Contact us today.

Coil Spec Selection Assistance

Coil Spec Selection Assistance

Home –> High Voltage Coil Manufacturer  –> Coil Spec Selection Assistance We acknowledge that choosing an appropriate coil specification can pose a challenge. Hence, we offer the table below for

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Resin Rich v VPI

Resin Rich v VPI

Home –> High Voltage Coil Manufacturer –> Resin Rich v VPI A question Preformed Windings are often asked is which specification of coils is more suitable for high voltage applications,

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