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For over 50 years Preformed Windings has been a reliable high voltage coil manufacturer, serving clients from different industries. Making our catalog available for browsing online, we allow people from all around the world to introduce themselves to our coils and windings and be able to order them after a consultation with our specialists.

We produce quality high voltage coils, as well as winding kits, and services including coil design (click here to learn more) and upgrades (click here to learn more). Learn more about our role as one of the fastest high voltage coil manufacturers.

Buy High Voltage Coils from Preformed Windings

If you seek to order electrical coils with a voltage higher than what is commonly accepted as safe, Preformed Windings offers its services as a high voltage coil manufacturer. We’ve become a preferred supplier due to our industry-leading service and our high-quality coils manufactured in extremely short lead times. You can explore our catalog online and decide on the hv coils your business needs, or address any questions about them to our customer support team.

Product Types From the High Voltage Coil Manufacturer Preformed Windings

Depending on your business and manufacturing needs, you can order different high voltage coils from us, choosing from a range of high voltage motor and generator coils to an approved in-house specification.

We are a high voltage coil manufacturer for diamond coils, produced to the highest standards of the industry. We offer both resin-rich and VPI insulation options for our products, allowing customers to fully fit the ordered coils to their individual manufacturing needs. If you decide to buy our diamond coils, or any of our products, we assure the timely delivery period not only in the UK where our manufacturing facility is, but also abroad.

Industries Relying on the High Voltage Coil Manufacturer Preformed Windings

Our services as a high voltage coil manufacturer are highly appreciated by industries such as power generation, including hydro, nuclear, wind and conventional, industrial, and marine. Preformed Windings is the preferred supplier of hv coils to a global customer base ranging from the largest OEM’s in the world, to rewind companies in the service industry.

Get a Quote: Order High Voltage Coils by Preformed Windings

There are multiple reasons why you should rely on Preformed Windings to be your high voltage coil manufacturer. We not only offer quality high voltage coils, including diamond coils, but we also offer quick and easy access to buy them. After you’ve made your order with us, we produce and deliver them in very short periods of time, always balancing speed and quality, to ensure our good services and establish relationships with clients that last. You can select Preformed Windings as your high voltage coil manufacturer for multiple reasons. We offer quality high voltage coils and diamond coils and provide the clients easy access to them for purchase. If you decide to trust our services and make an order, we produce and deliver your coils promptly, balancing the delivery speed with the provided quality, to ensure our good services and establish long-lasting partnerships with clients. Preformed Windings will answer any inquiry about emergencies regarding coils in your manufacturing and provide adequate solutions.

Any questions regarding our experience as a high voltage coil manufacturer, or the process of ordering and receiving your coils you can contact us. We offer 24 hours, 7-day-a-week customer service which provides you with timely responses to your questions. If possible, we address your questions immediately, but we always reply within the next 24 hours of receiving them.

If you decide to rely on us as your high voltage coil manufacturer, you can expect support for the whole coil manufacturing process, providing you with expert advice and complying with your preferences. Purchase hv coils from us or ask us to upgrade your existing ones, we offer our timely services to assist you and your business.

Coil Spec Selection Assistance

Coil Spec Selection Assistance

Home –> High Voltage Coil Manufacturer  –> Coil Spec Selection Assistance We understand that selecting a suitable coil specification can be difficult, therefore we provide the table below to give

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Resin Rich v VPI

Resin Rich v VPI

Home –> High Voltage Coil Manufacturer –> Resin Rich v VPI A question Preformed Windings are often asked is which specification of coils is more suitable for high voltage applications,

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