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Diamond Coils


Diamond Coils

Preformed Windings manufactures an extensive range of high voltage motor and generator coils to an approved in-house specification.  Our Diamond Coil offering range from 400v to 16kV with both resin rich and VPI insulation options. 

We work with clients across a range of industries, covering everything from traction to power generation. Our products are all manufactured to the highest standards and we pride ourselves on providing a responsive service with quick delivery times both in the UK and abroad


Insulation Systems:
  • Hot Pressed Resin Rich
  • Un-pressed Resin Rich
  • Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI)
Special Coil Insulation Systems:
  • Customer Specified Design
  • Sealed / NEEMA
  • Hermetic
  • Hybrid / Combination
Conductor Materials:
  • Copper Grade C101, BS1432, Cond “O”
  • Mica / Film
  • Nomex
  • Enamel / Dacron
  • Enamel / Mica
  • Enamel / Glass
  • Mica / Glass
Main Insulation Material:
  • Mica / Film
  • Mica / Glass
  • Mica / Glass / Film
  • VPI
Corona Discharge Protection:
  • Semi Conductive / Stress Grading Tape
  • Conductive / Corona Shield Tape
Quality / Testing & Inspection:
  • ISO 9001:2008 / Sub Conductor Inter-Turn
  • High Voltage
  • Tan Delta
  • TVA Probe
  • BS EN 50209:1999
  • ESI 44-5

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