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Winding Kits


Winding Kits

We can provide windings kits with all of the sets of coils we manufacture.  The vast majority of our customers select this option to ensure, on arrival of their coils, they have everything they need to install them. This also ensures that the items in the winding kit are suitable for the application and eliminates the requirement to outsource winding kits separately.

A typical winding kit consists of:

  • G11 wedge
  • Magnetic wedge
  • G11 packing strip
  • Conductive packing strip
  • RTD + RTD strip
  • Cable
  • Mica tapes
  • Terylene tape
  • Epoxy felt
  • Blocks
  • Brazing rod
  • Resin glass tape
  • Sealing tape
  • Epoxy loaded rope
  • Dry rope
  • Side ripple spring
  • Top ripple spring
  • Dry felt
  • Conductive fleece

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