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Preformed Windings is a high-quality coil manufacturer with over 50 years of rich experience in the sector. We provide our customers with the best coils for their needs, serving different industries all around the world. In our catalog, you can find high voltage coils (hv coils) as well as services regarding the design and upgrades of your coils. We are proud to also offer all of our clients winding kits, specially made for the coils we provide them with. Learn more about the windings you can receive from our manufacturing here and reach out to us for further details.

Buy Windings Kits From Preformed Windings

For every purchased coil from Preformed Windings, we offer our clients personalized winding kits. In that way, we’re not only saving you the time of outsourcing separate windings, but we’re also ensuring that your coils and windings work in perfect sync, being produced specially for each other.

If you wish to receive coils that are ready to install the moment of their arrival, you can order them from Preformed Windings and in a timely manner receive your purchased coils and their winding kits. If you have any questions about how the purchase works or regarding the specifics of the winding kits, you can rely on our experienced professionals. They can assist you with questions about coil design, what you can expect if you order windings from us, as well as provide you expert help throughout the whole production process.

Example of a Winding Kit by Preformed Windings

To provide you with information about what you can expect if you order winding kits from Preformed Windings, here is a summary of what a typical winding kit consists of. We customize all of our products according to the needs of our clients, providing them with personalized solutions that fit the needs of their manufacturing and potentially improve the performance of their machines. If you buy winding kits from Preformed Windings, they can consist of the following elements:

  • G11 wedge
  • Magnetic wedge
  • G11 packing strip
  • Conductive packing strip
  • RTD + RTD strip
  • Cable
  • Mica tapes
  • Terylene tape
  • Epoxy felt
  • Blocks
  • Brazing rod
  • Resin glass tape
  • Sealing tape
  • Epoxy loaded rope
  • Dry rope
  • Side ripple spring
  • Top ripple spring
  • Dry felt
  • Conductive fleece

Get a Quote: Order Winding Kits by Preformed Windings

Contact Preformed Windings today, and receive a personalized offer for the suitable winding kits for your machine. We offer high-quality kits for each coil we produce for clients across various industries, including the hydro, nuclear, oil and gas, industrial, and transportation industries. You can rely on our experienced team to provide you with winding kits that make the ordered coils ready to immediately install after we’ve delivered them to you. We also vouch for timely delivery across the world, providing you with as prompt as a possible way to begin your improved manufacturing.

If you are interested in the winding kits we at Preformed Windings provide, we can supply you with detailed information about what they are, how we can customize them for your business, and how long it would take for us to produce your personalized product and deliver it to you. Our highly-competent customer support service can provide you with timely responses to your inquiries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, serving as an aid for the whole purchase process as well as answering any questions during the production process.

Preformed Windings is very proud to be a member of NHA, AEMT, and EASA, and be able to serve small and big businesses with quality products throughout our many years of professional experience. If you need winding kits, you can rely on us to provide you with top-quality products in a timely manner.

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