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Preformed Windings has had a prominent presence in the coil sector for over 50 years, delivering quality services and timely responses to customer inquiries. Among the solutions we offer, we provide our clients with coil upgrades that can effectively improve the performance of their machines. Learn more about how we can better your coils in this section.

Coil Upgrades and Design Improvement

According to the sectors they are used at, coils have specific designs. The variety of coils Preformed Windings provides include diamond coils, armature coils, and traction coils and they’re all designed to fit different manufacturing needs. Although the best coil design is made to last long, it eventually becomes outdated due to time and the rapid development of manufacturing technology. That is the reason why businesses can seek coil upgrades.

Coil Upgrades to Improve Your Manufacturing

Preformed Windings offers coil design and our expert teams create long-lasting coils. However, any design may include flaws due to long-term use or the upgrade of technology. To provide customers with solutions for outdated or flawed design, we offer our clients coil upgrades.

Upgrading your coils can benefit you and your manufacturing in different ways. The upgrade of coils can bring benefits to your manufacturing in various ways. The performance of your machine could be improved by an enhanced coil, which could result in the improvement of the whole work process. Through various calculations and evaluations, your current coils could receive customization that can bring back the quality of the coils to their newly-produced level but also potentially provide additional modernization.

Common Misconceptions About Coil Upgrades

There are two main misconceptions about coil upgrades: that you’ll get unnecessary repairs or that you’ll be forced to accept the offer. Those misconceptions don’t carry any value to them, as at least we can vouch for the Preformed Windings services.

If you’re interested in the improvement of your coils, you can consult professionals and get their expert opinion. However, you’re not obliged to accept their suggestions, nor to go with the coil upgrades they’re offering at any price. The advice may be sensible, but the client is to decide if they want to change their coils, or not. If you seek consultation about this matter you won’t be forced to go through the process, you can only ask questions without doing any further actions.

Some customizations may not be necessary or you may not agree with what the specialists are suggesting. That’s at our company we allow the customers the full right to accept or decline our offers, and only after their full consent, do we move forward with any upgrades.

Get a Quote: Coil Upgrades Services by Preformed Windings

Contact us and get a quote on coil upgrades services by Preformed Windings.

We provide thoroughly researched and fact-supported coil upgrades, based on our technical knowledge in the sector, supported by long experience. You can receive quality upgrades from us in a timely manner.

We provide like-for-like coil replacements and when it’s possible, we upgrade your coils for the improvement of your machine’s performance, while reducing operating temperatures and speeding up the rewind process. We can often increase the cross-sectional area of the copper which results in improved heat transfer properties and reduces I2R loss and winding temperature. Where possible we can reduce the drop of the coil making them easier and faster to fit, and in some cases allow our customers to use coils rather than bars.

Preformed Windings is a global leader in coil upgrades: For the last half a century, our experienced specialists have worked to make the company a fast and reliable coil manufacturer on a global level. Our team can improve your coils, but we also offer design, as well as high voltage and armature coils made in Rotherham, UK and used by clients all over the world.

We’d like to inform you that we don’t charge for our coil upgrades and unless you’ve given your approval, we won’t proceed further than a consultation with them. In our enhancement operations, we only use the highest standard and most up-to-date insulation systems meaning we see better heat transference properties which lead to enhanced machine performance. That’s why you can trust us to give you expert consultation and potentially improve the quality of your coils, as well as your whole manufacturing process.

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