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Coil Upgrades Services


Coil Upgrades Services

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For over 50 years, Preformed Windings has been a leader in the coil sector, offering quality services and prompt responses to customer inquiries. Our solutions include coil upgrades, which effectively enhance machine performance. Explore how we can optimise your coils in this section.

Coil Upgrades and Design Improvement

Preformed Windings offers diamond coils, designed for specific manufacturing needs for various different industries including hydro, nuclear, oil and gas, and transportation industries.

. Over time, even the best coil designs become outdated due to technological advancements, prompting businesses to seek coil upgrades.

Coil Upgrades to Improve your Manufacturing

Preformed Windings offers coil design for long-lasting performance, but even the best designs may have flaws over time or due to technological advancements. To address outdated or flawed designs, we provide coil upgrades.

Coil upgrades offer various benefits to your manufacturing process. Enhanced coils can improve machine performance, leading to overall process improvement. Through careful calculations and evaluations, customised upgrades can restore coil quality to a newly-produced level and potentially modernise them further.

Common Misconceptions of Coil Upgrades

Two common misconceptions about coil upgrades are the fear of unnecessary repairs and feeling pressured to accept offers. However, at Preformed Windings, we assure the value of our services.

If you’re considering coil improvement, consulting professionals for expert opinions is beneficial. However, you’re not obligated to accept suggestions or upgrades at any price. Clients have the freedom to decide whether to change their coils. Consultations allow you to ask questions without committing to any actions.

At our company, we respect our customers’ right to accept or decline offers. We proceed with upgrades only after receiving full consent from our customers.

Get a Quote: Coil Upgrade Services by Preformed Windings

Contact Preformed Windings for a quote on coil upgrade services.

Benefit from our thoroughly researched and technically supported upgrades, delivered promptly by our experienced team.

We offer like-for-like coil replacements and, where possible, enhance performance by increasing copper cross-sectional area to improve heat transfer and reduce I2R loss. Our upgrades also aim to simplify fitting and, in some cases, allow coil use instead of bars.

With over 50 years of expertise, we’re a global leader in coil upgrades, providing quality services without charges until your approval. Our advanced insulation systems ensure better heat transfer for enhanced machine performance. Trust us for expert consultation and potential quality improvement in your manufacturing process.

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