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Coil Upgrades


Coil Upgrades

Here at Preformed Windings, due to our 50 years of experience and the support of our OEM sister company not only can we provide like-for-like coil replacements, but where possible we also offer coils that will improve the performance of your machine. Typically we can offer our customers coil upgrades that improve the efficiency of the machine, reduce operating temperatures and speed up the rewind process.

We do not charge for this design service, and we never change a coil design unless approval has been given by our customer. However many of our customers appreciate Preformed Windings advising where coil designs can be improved, and the opportunity to advise your customer of potential improvements to the machine(s)

We can often increase the cross sectional area of the copper which results in improved heat transfer properties, reduce I2R loss and winding temperature. These improvements result in a machine with improved efficiency.

We only use the highest standard and most up to date insulation systems meaning we see better heat transference properties which leads to enhanced machine performance.

Where possible we can reduce the drop of the coil making them easier and faster to fit, and in some cases allow our customers to use coils rather than bars.

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