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Coil Design


Coil Design

Due to our 50 plus years of experience, and the knowledge of our coils experts, Preformed Windings offer both like-for-like replacement coils, or alternatively an optimised coil design which commonly offers advantages such as improved efficiency and easy installation. Additionally, we have manufactured thousands of sets of coils and have a database that allows us to provide very accurate budgetary quotations based on limited information such as a photograph of the machine nameplate. This allows our customers to phone or E-mail us while on site with the machine and typically receive a quotation within hours. The minimum information we require to provide you an accurate budget quotation is the machine; voltage, power and speed.

Our state of the art CAD system models not only the individual coils but also the coils assembled in the machine. This enables Preformed Windings to:

  • Validate the coil data received by our customers (no requirement for sample coil)
  • Design the optimum coil for the machine
  • Minimise stress concentration points on the coil
  • Validate gaps between coils for optimum function
  • Speed up the design and manufacturing process whilst improving quality
  • Model items such as bracing rings to ensure the coils arrive at your facility, or on site and fit first time
  • Provide our customers accurate coil drawings for approval quickly


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