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Coil Design Services

Coil design services by Preformed Windings

About Us

With over 50 years of expertise, the specialists at Preformed Windings provide optimised coil designs to enhance efficiency and streamline installation. Explore our services in this section to discover why you should entrust your business’s coil design to us.

Coils for your Business

Let us us introduce coils and their functions to provide clarity on design and our services.

Coils are electrical conductors, typically wires, formed into various shapes. They generate a magnetic field when an electric current passes through them or induce an electromotive force when exposed to an external magnetic field. They are widely used in electrical engineering devices.

Types of Coils

Coils serve various purposes, leading to different types. At Preformed Windings, we specialise in high voltage diamond coils, offering design services tailored for industries including hydro, nuclear, oil and gas, and transportation.

Custom Coil Design & Engineering for all Industries

Coil design is a specialised service that offers customised solutions tailored to clients’ business needs. Our experts evaluate individual requirements and conduct precise measurements and calculations to ensure optimal performance and function for each coil.

Entrusting coil design to professionals ensures tailored solutions for your business needs. Our specialists provide expert consulting and guidance throughout the design and manufacturing process, optimising coils for longevity and peak performance in your machinery.

Professional Coil Drawings and Modeling

No need to be a design expert — let professionals like us at Preformed Windings handle it for you. Our specialists use cutting-edge CAD software to provide detailed visualisations and explanations of coil designs. You can also schedule a free virtual tour of our facility to discuss manufacturing.

Optimised Coil Design and Engineering

Gone are the days of hand-drawn sketches. In industries like those served by Preformed Windings, coil design now relies on CAD software to create 3D models, providing both ease for designers and clarity for clients. With collaborative optimization using the latest CAD systems, we ensure the coil meets the most stringent technical requirements, allowing for adjustments during the design process.

Get a Quote: Coil Design Services by Preformed Windings

Contact Preformed Windings for a quote on expert coil design services.

With over 50 years of experience, we offer high-quality coil design driven by expertise and cutting-edge technology. Our fast design and manufacturing processes prioritise quality improvement.

To deliver your custom design, provide us with machine data, and we’ll develop the optimal coil design while minimising stress concentration points and validating coil gaps for optimal function. You’ll receive accurate coil drawings promptly for approval.

As a global leader in coil design, we prioritise quality and service at every project stage. With certifications from NHA, EASA, and AEMT, we’re trusted partners to leading OEMs and rewind shops worldwide.

Contact us anytime to benefit from our expertise and quality services in a matter of days, not weeks.


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