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Coil design services by Preformed Windings

With more than half a century of experience, the experts at Preformed Windings offer optimised coil design that can improve efficiency and make installation easier. Learn more about our services in this section and why you should entrust the design of coils for your business to us.

Coils for your Business

We’d like to first introduce you to what coils are and what purpose they may serve to you, so you can better understand the concept of their design and what we can provide for you in this regard.

Coils are electrical conductors such as wires in different shapes. A coil can work by having an electric current passed through its wire to generate a magnetic field, or an external magnetic field is passed through the interior of the coil to generate an electromotive force in the conductor. Coils are used in electrical engineering in various devices.

Types of Coils

As coils are used for different purposes, there are different types. For instance, the types of coils we at Preformed Windings offer, as well as provide coil design for are high voltage diamond coils which are used for many industruies such as hydro, nuclear, oil and gas, and transportation industries.

Custom Coil Design & Engineering for all Industries

Coil design is the service that allows clients to get a customized offer for this specialised equipment they need for their businesses. In designing the right coil, the individual needs of every customer need to be evaluated, as well as the right measurements and calculations need to be conducted for each coil, to ensure the expected performance and function.

If your business needs coils, then it’s best to entrust the design for it to professionals who will cater to your needs. Our specialists will provide you with their expert consulting and guide you every step of design and manufacture of the coils that will be optimised for the machine to ensure longevity and optimum performance.

Professional Coil Drawings and Modeling

You don’t need to be an expert in design for coils, that’s why professionals like the ones at Preformed Windings exist – to do this job for you. Relying on our specialists using contemporary computer-aided design (CAD) software, you’ll receive a detailed visualization of the coils, as well as an insightful explanation of every detail of the design, and answers to any of your questions in the process. You can also receive a free virtual tour of our facility to discuss in-detail, the manufacturing process.

Optimised Coil Design and Engineering: The latest CAD system models

The days of hand-drawn sketches are long gone, as the industries such as the ones Preformed Windings serves are developing so quickly, that they can’t be relying on analogue solutions anymore. Today coil design is created using CAD software where the future coils are visualised in 3D models. That not only allows the designers to more easily create the design but also provides clients with an understandable image of what they can expect to receive once manufactured.

Collaboratively we can tweak the design during the optimisation stage when you’re using the latest CAD system models and ensure the coil meets the most stringent technical requirements.

Get a Quote: Coil Design Services by Preformed Windings

Contact us and get a quote on coil design services by Preformed Windings.

We provide expertly coil design, based on our expertise in the sector, as well as our adaptability to the newest technologies. Our design and manufacturing processes are very fast whilst we continue to improve the quality.

In order to deliver your custom design, you need to provide us with the machine data. In return, we will develop the optimum coil design for the machine, while minimising stress concentration points on the coil and validating gaps between coils for optimum function. You’ll receive accurate coil drawings for approval in a timely manner.

Preformed Windings is a global leader in coil design: With over 50 years of experience in the field, we are the highest-quality coil manufacturer in the world. You can expect from us not only design, provided by trained and very skilled professionals but also some of the most high-quality high voltage coils, produced in Rotherham, UK. Our priorities and values are quality and service, and we apply these values at every stage of a project.

Preformed Windings are collaboartive members of the NHA, EASA and the AEMT and a trusted partner to the largest OEM’s and rewind shops around the world. If you too would like to collaborate with us and rely on our vast experience, you can contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and benefit from our quality services in a matter of days, not weeks.

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