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We understand that selecting a suitable coil specification can be difficult, therefore we provide the table below to give a comparison of Preformed Windings standard coil specifications to assist you in selecting a suitable coil design for your application. We also manufacture coils to customer and end user specifications. Due to our coils being an engineered product, with differing specification requirements we always advise that you discuss your requirements with our experienced technical team, as the following information is provided as a guide only.

Resin RichGlobal VPI Hybrid Fully Cured
SummaryThis is our standard resin rich coil preferred by our customers due to it's flexibility which eases installation and mitigates the risk of damage. Our standard VPI coil is provided in 'green' state meaning the coils accept VPI.Our hybrid coil utilises a resin rich slot portion with VPI accepting material in the end windingResin Rich coil fully cured (baked)
Suitable for Voltage3.3kV - 18kV
Glassback insulation
Filmback insulation
Additional Processing
NoYes (VPI)Yes (VPI)No
Moisture Protection
Dirt/Dust protection
Class F
(160 Degrees C
Class H
(180 Degrees C)
Class C
(220 Degrees C
Corona ProtectionStandard on coils 5kV and abov
Suitable for storage
(assuming suitable

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